Ali Khan

One word: WoW... Not just watch the movie but instead actually experience it with a new added dimension

I finally bought my first D-Box recliner and now I regret not buying it sooner. My kids absolutely love it and if anything my daughter has already claimed this recliner as her own and now I have to get more D-Box recliner to replace my boring static chairs. Movie experience has changed for ever now. No need to go to the movie theater We can have a way better experience right at the comfort of our home (especially if you have kids). Now every night is a movie night at my house and we look forward to watching a new movie every night. There are so many of my old favorite movies that I want to re-watch while enjoying the extra dimension of experience on a DBox recliner. My friends are already calling to see if they can come watch a movie at my house when the recliner is not in use.

I am the type who is very detailed oriented and asks a lot of questions and Mario was very helpful in explaining the product, features, technical details, working of actuators and the entire D-Box mechanism of not only the recliner but also of the new Haptic Hub. Recliner was delivered fast, was extremely well packaged. The team over at Jaymar and DBox walked me through the entire process of setting up and syncing the Haptic hub. They helped me with the initial setup even though it was past 7pm their time. It is a very simple and straight forward process and anyone can do it on their own. You do not need a professional company to come out to setup your system. Recliner is well built and has a good amount of weight to it which is good. You definitely need 2 people to safely move it around.

If you have even a slight interest in D-Box, my advise is to stop reading this review and get one NOW.. Trust me, you will Thank me later. Take a look at the picture, my daughter expressions says it all. I am going to be replacing my current static chairs with D-Box recliners so that we are not taking turns on my one recliner. This way everyone in my family has their own recliner. If you have young kids, I recommend getting the black one. I will get more of the lifestyle II recliners and even get some more of the custom upgraded ones from Jaymar in the very near future. You can not beat the current price and the combo deal for this quality built recliner and the Haptic Hub.

Stan Anderson

Awesome Recliner!!!!

I purchased the Jaymar D-Box life style entertainment this year in 2020 . From the moment I took it our of the box, I noticed the quality in craftsmanship. I was also pleasantly surprised with how comfortable this recliner is. However; when the lights turn down and the movie begins the excitement starts. The Jaymar immersive haptic experience is fantastic. The intensity of movement and vibration let's you feel all the action. So at my home we don't just watch movies we are totally immersed in all the action with the Jamar D-Box recliner. I highly recommend Jaymar D-Box to everyone.



We recently received our Jaymar D-Box chair and are blown away. The chair itself is stylish, comfortable, and is exactly what we would want in a home theater seat. Installation was a breeze and we literally had the chair out of the box, installed, and ready to use within minutes. But, let’s be honest – we bought this chair for the D-Box system installed in it. Setting up the D-Box system took a little bit of time to get it to work just right, but Jaymar and D-box customer service were available any time to help from the day the system arrived until we were satisfied with how the system was running. I was familiar with D-Box seats from having used them in movie theaters and truthfully, I wondered how the experience would translate to the system that was to be used in my house….all I can say is who needs to go to the movies anymore – I NOW HAVE THE MOVIE THEATER IN MY HOUSE. We don’t just watch a movie, we are apart of the movie. We literally experience every car chase and race, every battle and fight, and every jump scare. Movies I haven’t seen in ages are now becoming my new favorites again – I feel like a kid in a candy store watching them in this Jaymar chair. I am so thankful that Jaymar and D-Box combined to finally make this system affordable for the movie lover who wants to elevate their home movie watching experience.